Farmville 2 New Recipe (Spinning Wheel Version)

These are some of the new recipe that was release along side the Farmville 2 Spinning Wheel. The Spinning Wheel once completed can be harvested with different color of Wool. These wool will be used in crafting this recipe in the Crafting Workshop.

Brown Spindle = Empty Spool x3 and Brown Wool x4

Brown Cloth = Wool x2 and Brown Spindle x1

Brown Drapes = Wool Thread Spindle x1 and Brown Cloth x1


Red Yarn = Strawberry x7 and Spun Yarn x5

Red Yarn Spindle = Empty Stool x3 and Red Yarn x1

Red Teddy Bear = Fine Rabbit Wool x5 and Red Yarn Spindle


Orange Yarn = Pumpkin x8 and Spun Yarn x8

Orange Yarn Flower = Wool Bolt x1 and Orange Yarn x1

Bouquet of Orange Yarn Flower = Wool Thread Spindle x1 and Orange Yarn Flower x1

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