Farmville 2 New Water Expansion Details

As we know for some time time now, Farmville 2 River Expansion will have 3 more new additional expansion and it maybe be released sooner that we may expected. We have gathered the information on what could be the possible requirements to unlock these river expansion.

Farmville 2 River Expansion 2

I. The Riverside


The Riverside


II. The Far Shore


The Far Shore


III. The Farther Shore


The Farther Shore

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3 thoughts on “Farmville 2 New Water Expansion Details

  1. The Far Shore expansion is not working for me. I have all the requirements met, the expand button shows in blue but nothing happens when I click on it. Help please.

  2. my riverside unlock requires 100 farm bucks! What shuld I do

  3. There seems to be a disconnect between creating the good fortune charms and getting credit for them on the riverside property. I have already crafted 5 of them without getting credit for them.

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