Farmville 2 New Water Farm Sneak Peek

It looks like we were having the new Farmville 2 theme Water farm. We have collected some of the unrelease image of this soon to be release feature. There will be a machine called Crop Dryer and it will be used to dry off harvested water crops. This machine will need Fuel in order to operate instead of Power. Cranberries may be the initial water crops. We will post more pictures soon as we approaches to the release of Farmville 2 Water Farm.



Some early pictures that we gathered that we may expect on the soon to be release water farm.



Crop Dryer coming soon to dry off water crops in Farmville 2




Water Crops Cranberry


Water Deco Cattail Bouquet


Water Deco Leisurely Liner

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  1. i have harvested the water cranberries 3 times but still it says i have none, what am i doing wrong?

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