Farmville 2 New Year Party Booth Recipes

Prepare for the Farmville 2 New Year Party Booth by saving the materials that we are going to used for the crafting. As we know by know, on Tuesday we will have a new feature called the New Year Party Booth. The goal of this feature is to collect “kiss” as many as we can and exchange it for some exclusive rewards. We have already here the different recipes that we will be making.

New Year Party Booth Recipes

Party HatWater HawthornWool

Party Hat = Water Hawthorn x10 + Wool x8



Confetti PopperMudNew Year Confetti

Confetti Popper = Mud x6 + New Year Confetti x3

  • Note: New Year Confetti can be obtain by asking your friends.


Party WhistleHorseshoeWhistle Paper

Party Whistle = Horseshoe x4 and Whistle Paper x2

  • Note: Whistle Paper is obtain by posting a request feed.



These items has an equivalent numbers of KISS



KISS can be exchange with these rewards:


Fireworks Wheel

Fireworks Wheel = 45 kiss


Alberta White Spruce Tree

Alberta White Spruce Tree = 12 kiss


2015 Porch Swing

2015 Porch Swing = 4 kiss

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