Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests

From what it looks we will be having a new farm helper in Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests. Yes after having the Squirrels, we will be having this time on this quests the Helper Owls. We will be attracting helper owls on this Farmville 2 quests by planting Fall Crops. Now these Helper Owls can speed up trees. We listed here everything there is to know about this upcoming quests and you can find it here:

Farmville 2 Night of the Owls


Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests 1: Dark Flights


Have Owl House Owl House on your Farm to show the Owls they’re welcome. (skip 5)

Harvest 15 Corn Corn; Owls love to swoop through fields of Corn! (skip 7)

Feed 3 Adult Chickens Adult Chicken, so they don’t feel overshadowed by other birds. (skip 7)


30 xp, 300 coins



Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests 2: Learning about Owls


Collect 5 Owl Facts Owl Facts; telling owls apart can be kind of a maze at times. (skip 10)

Tend your Goat Shelter Goat Shelter 2 times, and make sure no owls are hanging out in there. (skip 20)

Make 3 Goat Cheese Tart Goat Cheese Tart; it’d be a shame to let that delicious cheese go to waste. (skip 12)


35 xp, 350 coins


Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests 3: Wisdom of Owls


Raise 1 Baby Duck Baby Duck. We don’t have a baby owl, this babe still has the power to teach us something. (skip 10)

Tend your Pig Pen Pig Pen 2 times. Mud keeps the dust down on the Farm. (skip 20)

Feed 6 Adult Cows Adult Cows. They look a bit hungry there. (skip 10)


40 xp, 400 coins


Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests 4: Silent Flights


Collect 5 Silent Owl Feather Silent Owl Feather; perhaps this is why some people thought owls were magicians or goblins. (skip 10)

Harvest 5 Radicchio Radicchio for a special recipe. (skip 11)

Make 1 1 Owl Treat 1 Owl Treat for our fine feathered friends! (skip 10)


45 xp, 450 coins


Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests 5: Grin and Bear It


Make 4 Wool Teddybear Teddybear. Everyone loves teddy bears. (skip 14)

Tend your Sheep Shack Sheep Shack 2 times, to gather useful fleece. (skip 20)

Feed 6 Adult Horse Adult Horse, to keep their hungry whinnying to a minimum. (skip 10)


50 xp, 550 coins


Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests 6: Don’t Get Bogged Down


Make 3 Strawberry Angel Food Cake Strawberry Angel Food Cake; it’s kind of magical tasting, in my opinion. (skip 12)

Tend your Fertilizer Bin Fertilizer Bin 2 times; just hold your nose against the eternal stench. (skip 20)

Feed 6 Adult Goats Adult Goats, so they won’t be startled by the silent approach of the owls. (skip 10)


70 xp, 650 coins


Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests 7: Illumination


Collect 5 Spotting Lantern Spotting Lantern for observing owls’ night-time flights. (skip 10)

Make 5 Pointy Garden Fence Pointy Garden Fence; I think you will find them handy. (skip 16)

Harvest 8 Peach Tree Peach Tree; though I admit, peaches always make me sleepy. (skip 9)


90 xp, 900 coins


Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests 8: Bigger the Better


Make 3 Three Tier Pumpkin Pie Three Tier Pumpkin Pie; they’re really a sight to behold! (skip 12)

Harvest 30 Giant Pumpkin Giant Pumpkin. Look inside the Owl House to learn how to unlock this crop. (skip 12)

Tend 3 Prized Chicken Coop Prized Chicken Coop, so your Chickens don’t get jealous of the new House you built for the Owls. (skip 30)


120 xp, 1100 coins

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17 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quests

  1. How do I tend the shelters of all the animals. I have been searching but even google don’t have a clue.
    Steve Kuball

    • once the timer on an animal shelter counts down to zero a little bubble appears above it just like over animals that are ready to be fed -then all you have to do is click on it to tend/collect the building. you can collect them once every 18 hrs

  2. How do you get the owl house, I am not getting the quest to actually BUILD it?

  3. this doesn’t have to do with this quest but, does anyone know why it say you have accepted too rewards of this type recently when I try to click on items in the activity thing and how long does it last

  4. What they should of done was instead of taking away the trough they just should of given the trough to those that didnt have it that to me was a much simpler solution and not leave those who lost the trough stuck with extra animals that they now need to reduce down to a population of 45. One simple word to some up what they did

  5. I am on a fixed income, never got the second shady trough, and am nearly at level 62 (50,000 xp to go). I love playing the game and don’t spend any real money on it. I don’t bother with the new, fancy recipes that require the cash trees- they distract you from doing what it takes to level up & make the coins needed to purchase expansions.

    You don’t need the second trough to have the animals you need for quests & goods. Just feed what you have. You only need 4 cows, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, rabbits, 2 horses, and fill the rest up with chickens. When you first get to your farm feed all the animals, do whatever else you need to do, and when you’re done a lot of your animals will be ready for a second feeding. Chickens will be ready fast than that, I can usually feed all my chickens 3 or 4 times each time I visit my farm. Make sure you have the buildings available for each prized animal and have them filled up. Tend them at least once a day.

    Doing this you’ll have all the goods you need, and all the animals you need for quests.

    And for everyone complaining- this is a fan site and Zynga has nothing to do with it. Complaining here won’t do you a bit of good. If you want Zynga to hear your complaints you have to go there, to their site, and file a report if you need something fixed, or post your complaint to the forum if you just want to complain to Zynga.

  6. O AND ON MORE THING how can we enjoy making the new recipes coming out if you only put them new trees out to by with farm bucks only hello we need to also be able to use our coins for this all the time our us lower fixed income players can not even enjoy any of the new things or keep adding new animals as well when our you going to answer our pleads is this how you treat you lower income faithful ever day all day long players and take off the ever 18 hours and take off the limited times a day we can get help with expecting to mean gifts we all like challenges to but think about it you are not reading any thing we are saying

    • Nancy, you need to post you ideas and other game dislikes on the zynga’s “Suggesting Sunday” thread on FB , or the offical Game forum -where they WILL be read -they dont read on answer on here or any other fan pages

  7. How are we going to feed all these animals when you took away the shady trough amd we cant have that mant of the cows.goats and chickens to feed. i am a player that plays this game faitfullt and now you are making things really hard for me to keep playing. that was wrong for you to do us like that now i cant any more animals until i get down to the number you allow me to have. you were suppose o give us a watering trough after we reach a certain level you dont do that and now you have taken away the shady trough so we cant have the ones we need. what else are you going to do. everything you put out is for farm have no certains for those of us that play this game and on a fixed income. i dont know why i still play. it is something to keep me occuiped i guess.

    • I agree with you 100 0/0 and then some we are all on a fixed in come, I to enjoy playing the game but to get a water drot we need to pay with farm buck 45 dollars I can not afford this at all we should be able to pay with our coins in steed of farm bucks that is so wrong and them we have to put away our prized animals or sell them but we need all the help we can get we need out animals to. So Zynga you need to start putting ASAP to us our coins on ever thing and you give us the crap to buy with our coins and live the better stuff for the rich think about it 95 0/0 of your players are on a very very Fixed income did you not get this part yet I know you raise money to help others but how about helping all of you FIXED INCOME PLAYER WITCH MAKES UP FOR THE HOLE GAME OF YOUR PLAYERS PLEASE ADD THIS ALL SOON OR MOST OF US ALL WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE TO DO THE QUESTS YOU ALL GIVE US.

    • this is a FAN site Frances NOT Zynga, so they wont hear, mor read you complaints. The took away the Shady trough because no one was suppose to get a second one -it appeared due to a programming glitch -so in fairness they removes the ones from those that got a second one. -and if you read either of the gamer forums or read the announcements from the games offical FB page you would have know wks ago as I did, that they were gonna remove them, and not wasted you time building it and over-crowding your farm leaving you in a bind

    • hows the shady trough gone? mine just got upgraded to a deluxe shady trough

      • the delux is being taken away from everyone who got it .. no one is supposed to have it .. they gave it out by mistake an because of their mistake we loose it .. don’t even bother upgrading if you haven’t an dont bother putting it out of storage .. it will only get taken away

      • you/ WE -can only have ONE shady tough Ashley, so if you just now upgrading you original one your ok, but if you upgrading a second one it will eventually get removed once they finished making all the rounds checking for the duplicates that appeared in error

    • you DONT need all those animals .. 1 at a time is fine .. or even 2 .. or use speed feed .. PLUS there isn’t a lot of animals to tend to that would eat up animal space with the limits ..

      Farm SMARTER not HARDER !

    • i agree. I also dont like how we never get even ONE limited addition animal for coins. and whenever i try to get enough coins to level up it always seem i have to buy something like a new goat cause it became prized n i no longer get milk from it. sometimes this game irritates me.

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