Farmville 2 Ostrich Nest

A new animal will arrive next week in Farmville 2 bringing along a new feature called the Ostrich Nest. This feature will be like the ones we have where a wandering animal will stray in our farm. This time it will be an Ostrich and we will need to prove to Gus that we are worthy in keeping this cute baby ostrich by doing 3 set of tasks. What we have here a are some information and early images of the Ostrich Nest.

Ostrich Nest




We will need the following materials to finish the Ostrich Nest:

Bags os Ostrich Nesting

Bags of Ostrich Nesting


Wooden Bases

Wooden Bases


Rock Chisels



Once we collected enough materials we can finally have a completed  Ostrich Nest:

Ostrich Nest


This is one of those wandering animals features where we will receive from Gus a baby animal in this case an Ostrich then will need to to several tasks in order to adopt the baby Ostrich.



Raising Ostrich will get the following:

Ostrich Egg

Ostrich Egg =  Adult Ostrich


Ostrich Plume

Ostrich Plume = Prized Ostrich


This feature will give a Baby Masai Ostrich.

Masai Ostrich

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