Farmville 2 Otter Charms Recipes

Farmville 2 Otter Charm Collection will be released next and along with it are three recipes. These recipes will allow us to make Otter Charm which then can be then exchange for exclusive rewards. Some of the the materials that it will need can only be obtain through friends. You can start saving the materials for the Otter Charm x1 because this one doesn’t need to post ask a part from friends.


Otter Charm Recipes


Otter Charms – collect and exchange them for rewards:


Otter PlushWoolFur

Otter Plush (Otter Charm x1) = Wool x8 + Fur x8



Otter Charms x2WoolHand-holding Otters

Otter Charms x2 = Wool x4 + Hand-holding Otters x2



Otter Charms x3HorshoeBracelet Clasp

Otter Charms x3 = Horseshoe x4 + Bracelet Clasp x3


For the Otter Charm Collection Stand and Rewards information, please visit this PAGE.


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