Farmville 2 Otter Slide

Coming next week! continuation of the Lumberjack Camp where the Farmville 2 Otter Slide will be introduce. We will build it in order to help a baby smooth coated otter who is feeling lonely. This will be the feature where we will need to feed otters and collect Clam Shells and Mussel Shells.

Otter Slide

Otter Silde1


Build the Otter Slide


Built the Otter Slide

We will need to collect the materials to build the Otter Slide.


Log Slides Hand Saws Potted Ferns
Log Slides Hand Saws Potted Ferns



Once you collected all the needed parts you can now finally complete the Otter Slide.

Completed Otter Slide

The goal of this feature are:

  • Help and cheer Baby Otter.
  • Collect Clam Shells and Mussel Shells.
  • You can place the Otter Slide in either land or water.


Otter sliding




Baby Smooth Coated OtterBaby Smooth Coated Otter

Smooth Coated Otter



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  1. I don’t have otter slide , because of my absence. Anybody will help me?

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