Farmville 2 Perfumery Guide

Build the Farmville 2 Perfumery and win exciting rewards. Building it, and going further stages will allow you to receive and unlock more reward.  This new building will be available up to 3 week. The Farmville 2 Perfumery will be running up to three weeks. And more craft you make the bigger the points you will receive.You will be helping Barbara in brewing these materials.

Farmville 2 Perfumery

Click to build the Perfumery!

Click to build the  Perfumery


Build the Farmville 2 Perfumery with the help from your friends.

Farmville 2 Perfumery



Farmville 2 Perfumery





Bronze Daisy Paver

Bronze Daisy Paver – Let the sweet scent of wildflowers follow you around the farm!


Potpourri Cage

Potpourri Cage – Tickle your olfactory senses with this potpourri cage.

Scented Footbath


Baby Mini Black Dartmoor Pony

Mini Black Dartmoor Pony



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