Farmville 2 Petting Zoo Hullabaloo Quests

The Runaway Ostrich will be arriving next week and it is planning to stay in Farmville 2 Petting Zoo Hullabaloo Quests. Help Percy convince it to stay by building it’s nest and giving treats. Percy is so occupied right now as Marie assigned her to take care the petting zoo. This Farmville 2 Quests will be released Tuesday, October 28.

Don’t forget to reserve some energy for the sweetie tasks. Numbers required by the quest may still change and will depend on your current level and number of friends.

Petting Zoo Hullabaloo Quests


Quests 1: Farmville 2 Checkin’ On Chickens


Checkin' On Chickens

  • Have 1 Ostrich Nest for Gus’ baby ostrich.
  • Feed 3 Adult Chickens.
  • Water 20 Joseph’s Coats to brighten up the zoo.


30 xp 300 coins

Quests 2: Farmville 2  Scoop’s Up!


Scoop's Up!

  • Collect 5 Super Scoopers to scoop up all that ostrich mess!
  • Feed 4 Adult Goats.
  • Make 2 Pointy Garden Fences to separate the animals.


35 xp 350 coins


Quests 3: Farmville 2 Door To Door


Door To Door

  • Use 3 Farm Hands.
  • Perform 10 helpful actions on Neighbor farms while you spread the word.
  • Have your sweetie do 1 Foraging jobs (others will Craft 2 Joseph’s Coat Mixed Vegetables)


40 xp 400 coins


Quests 4: Farmville 2 Give Me Soap


Give Me Soap

  • Collect 5 Bottles of Liquid Soap.
  • Harvest 15 Rice. It’s great for feed and festival treats!
  • Make 3 Rice Puddings to sell at the zoo.


45 xp 450 coins


Quests 5: Farmville 2 More Decor!


More Decor

  • Tend your Rabbit Warren 2 times. The rabbits need a little love.
  • Harvest 30 Joseph’s Coat.
  • Make 2 Feather Charms.


50 xp 550 coins


Quests 6: Farmville 2 To-Do Or Not To-Do


To-Do Or Not To-Do

  • Feed 4 Adult Horses.
  • Fertilize 20 Eggplant.
  • Make 2 Oat Cookies. They’re bound to sell out quickly!


70 xp 650 coins


Quests 7: Farmville 2 It Goes Up To Eleven


It Goes Up To Eleven

  • Collect 5 Ear Muffs for the ponies’ ears.
  • Harvest 2 Pecan Trees.
  • Go Fishing 5 time (others will Make 5 Pecan Muffin to sell at the zoo. )


90 xp 900 coins


Quests 8: Farmville 2 Home Stretch


Home Stretch

  • Tend your Prized Cow 2 times to show Percy how it’s done.
  • Feed 4 Adult Donkeys.
  • Make 2 Ice Cream. No petting zoo is complete without it!


120 xp 1100 coins


Don’t forget to visit our Kitchen and Workshop guide just in case you need to view the list of ingredients you will need.

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