Farmville 2 Photo Reunion Stages

Complete all this stage so that you can take a picture in your Farmville 2 Photo Reunion Camera. Once you complete all 5 stage you’ll then asking to invite some of your friends to pose for a photo opportunity. You’ll then click the Take the Photo now. Once your guest leave you will then have the opportunity to post the picture in your Facebook wall by writing a message in the text area and then clicking the share button.

Stage 1:

Have Wooden Photo Frames 3x

Have Apple Scones 8x

Have Rabbits 3x (Prized not count)


Stage 2:

Have Metal Photo Frames 3x

Have Orange Cupcakes 8x

Have Goats 3x (Prized not count)

Stage 3:

Have Wooden Photo Frames x3

Craft Pumpkin Pies x8

Have Pigs x4


Stage 4:

Have Metal Photo Frames x4

Have Cornbreads x10

Have Horses x4

Stage 5:

Have Decorative Photo Frames x5

Have Blueberry Tarts x12

Have Cows x4

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