Farmville 2 Picnic Table and Job Locations

Picnic Table will be one of the feature in Farmville 2 My Family Farm and it introduced once the update is implemented. Picnic Tbales will like our current Feed Mill but instead of making feeds, the Picnic Tables will be making meals. But in order to make meal we will need crafted food from the Kitchen. To give you more idea how this feature works we have here some early image of the Picnic Table.

Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables will be one of the feature of My Family Farm update in Farmville 2.

Picnic Tables


You will not need nor collect parts to complete it. It will be like the “Feed Mill”. It already built and ready to use once you gotten hold of it during the release of “My Family Farm”.

Picnic Tables


Just like what we mentioned a while ago just like the Feed Mill, the Picnic Table are used to make meals. Meals that will be used by your partner. For them meals are used as their energy in order to fulfill tasks and training. Meals are made from crafted food in the Kitchen. The more difficult to craft the food or the more expensive, the more meals it can make.

Farmville 2 Picnic Table


Have you also noticed in game the location of various training job site?

– Like for example the Foraging site just near the edge of the river.



– The Pearl Diving just near of the Dock

Pearl Diving


and the Cave Exploring just by the other side of the river.

Cave Exploring


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    • If you didnt get the house frame a few weeks ago, then you’ll mosy likely not get get the famly farm on thurs. they always beta test big new game features like this, the big harvest, and last years Heirloom tress – to onlt a small % of the games players. this is so they can iron-out the bugs and glitches and not have it effecting the entire community of players. then when they have the fixes done, and are content with all the goals and numbers – they’ll roll it out to the rest of the games players. the beta testing can take anywhere for 3 or 4 weeks to as long as 2 months -like what what happened with the big harvest back in the spring

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