Farmville 2 Pie Eating Table

Help Marie’s campaign in soon to be released the Farmville 2 Pie Eating Table. We are going to host 4 Pie Eating Contests in this feature in order to help Marie’s campaign. In order to hold the contest we need first to build the Pie Eating Table with the help of our friends of course. This maybe similar to the previous release like the Hot Air Balloon or the Luggage Cart but this time beside the farm support items that it will give it, the final reward will be a “Pastry Chef Sign” which you can personalize.

Pie Eating table

Pie Eating Table


Place the Pie Eating Table in a vacant spot in your farm to trigger an event with Marie.

Farmville 2 Pie Eating Table


Marie will arrive in your farm an explains that by building a Pie Eating Table you can invite your friends to come over and eat some pie. It will also help her campaign by spreading words about her candidacy.

Pie Eating Table Intro


After the scene with Marie, you can now start building your Pei Eating Table by collecting the necessary parts.

Build your Pie Eating Table


Here are the lists of parts that you will need:

Red Table ClothPie Tins

Red Tablecloths x10, Pie Tins x10 and Pie Table Utensils x10


Once you collected them all you will need helpers to complete it. One you gathered enough helpers you can finally finish the Pie Eating Table.

Completed Pie Eating Table


Click on the Pie eating Table to see what items you need to craft in order to host a Pie Eating Contest.

Pie Eating Table


Beside from the reward of feeds, water and other farm support items, a cool Pastry Chef Sign that you can personalize.

Pastry Chef Sign

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  1. Why is the grand prize a sign board? why not an animal or a bird or tree? what will do a silly little stupid sign? I really hated vote for marie and walter boards we have to make all these efforts and complete tasks place requests and posts and ask/beg ingredients for what a silly little board? I would appreciate a better prizes

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