Farmville 2 Pig Feasting Area Guide

Win a rare Baby Teacup Pig in Farmville 2 Pig Feasting Area. A new buildable building and once completed players can start crafting and collecting Exotic Mushrooms. There several ways to get Exotic Mushroom and among them are from harvesting trees and crafting. There are two recipes that we can craft in order to have Exotic Mushroom and you can find it here in our guide.

Farmville 2 Pig Feasting Area Guide


Farmville 2 Pig Feasting Area Guide


To complete the Pig Feasting Area we will need the following materials:

Fancy Pig PillowsFancy Pig Pillows x10

Pig TreatsPig Treats x10

Pig Food BowlsPig Food Bowls x10



Once completed clicking on the Pig Feasting Area will bring up this Menu:

  • You will then can start collecting Exotic Mushroom which can then be exchange for some exciting items.


Pig Feating Area

  • There are several ways to collect Exotic Mushrooms. among them are harvesting Trees or crafting it.


You can craft two type of Exotic Mushroom:

Grow 2 Mushrooms

Grow 2 Mushrooms = Small Mushroom Terrarium x2, Mud x8

Grow 2 Mushroom


Large Mushroom Terrarium

Grow 3 Mushroom = Large Mushroom Terrarium x3, Piece of Wood x6

Grow 3 Mushroom


Prizes that can be redeemed once you collected the corresponding number of Exotic Mushroom:

2 Mushroom Lights 2 Mushroom LightsExotic Mushroom22 Exotic Mushroom


Reward BundleReward BundleExotic Mushroom 44 Exotic Mushroom


Mushroom Topiary Mushroom TopiaryExotic Mushroom 66 Exotic Mushroom


Mushroom Fountain Mushroom Fountain = Exotic Mushroom 88 Exotic Mushroom


Collect all four items to receive a Bonus Prize:

Teacup Pig

Baby Teacup Pig

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  1. anything would be better without the “baaaad sheep” limiting our moves, the glitches/technical problems of zynga ex. “only me” posts, slow loading of FV2, everything turning weird after farm visits, etc. then and only then will l fully enjoy the game and not be stressed out instead. who knows, i might actually buy some of your farmbucks items? but until then, i’ll just play one day at a time and feel apprehension for every new quest or maybe just quit!

    • “only me” is NOT a Zynga/game problem – you can change that to “friends” or “public” in your FB applications setting

  2. Not another pig quest can they not think of something else , some other kind of farm animal like a dog or cat or some thing like a racoon or fox anything then what we already have.

    • well, foxes and raccoons are wild animals NOT farm animals for starters. the game is barely over a year old im sure we’ll see a Dogs and or Cats in the Future. took the original fV game 3 yrs to finally have Pets, I’m will to bet we’ll have them in less than half that time -and way better with FV2

  3. only thing that will keep this event from being lame -is the sugar and salt in the reward bundle

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