Farmville 2 Pig Nursery and More!

In the back of our mind we know somehow that this feature. It is just a matter of time which animal will come next. Well Zynga didn’t disappoint us and do release another Nursery for our farm. This time we will be training pigs and in Farmville 2 Pig Nursery feature. This will be  the latest addition to our growing nursery and how many we have so far? we think 4 or 5 but anyway this feature will train your pigs to produce more fertilizer, mud or beefed up it’s appetite you can feed it more often. Here is a full preview plus images of this feature which will coming this Tuesday.


Farmville 2 Pig Nursery

Pig Nursery


Place the Pig Nursery construction in your farm and you will get a visit from Marie to start explaining what this new feature is.

Pig Nursery


After  the cut scene, you will now see the materials you will need in order to complete the Pig Nursery.

Pig Nursery Construction


You will need the following items, it can be obtained from posting help request or asking your friends and neighbors.

Pig Nursery Materials

  • Pig Flushies (post)
  • Pig Barrels
  • Pig Nursery Brushes

The number of parts will depend on your current level and number friends and neighbors.


Once you have enough parts and help builder, you can now complete the Pig Nursery.

A completed Pig Nursery


Once you have a complete Pig Nursery, you will be asked on what pig will you prefer to train. You can buy one from the General Store or if you have one in your inventory you can place it in the Pig Nursery. And then you can start choosing which training will you want to teach your baby pig.

Choose a Bonus

Choose a Bonus that your baby pig will inherit:

  • Fertilizer Bonus: This Pig will produce +2 Bonus fertilizer
  • Mud bonus: This Pig will produce +2 Bonus Mud
  • Feed this Pig TWICE as often for more resources


Using this feature will make you earn Pig Medallion.

Pig Medallion


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