Farmville 2 Pig Racing Starting Gate Guide and Preview

Coming this Tuesday! Farmville 2 Pig Racing Starting Gate, a new feature for the month of March 2014 and it will be released as part of a quest and this one looks promising. We will be building a Starting Gate and then we gonna race pig. The race it self is fun to watch because it will actually show the race. If you choose the right pig you’ll win the 100,000 coins prize. There will be five races to complete and from the look of this feature you’ll only need 5 pigs.

Farmville 2 Pig Starting Gate

Place the Pig Racing Starting Gate

Pig Starting Gate


Collect the necessary parts and start building:

Pig Starting Gate


A completed Pig Starting Gate:

Completed Pig Starting Gate


Click on the Pig Starting Gate and you will have the following options:

As we can see from the picture we will need 5 Pigs, Feed 10 Pigs and 6 friends to start the race. Then after completing all we can now start the race.


Pick the Pig who you think will win and start the race:


Once the race commence it will have cool view of the race:


If you pick the correct pig, you will the grand prize of 100,000 coins:


You’ll also receive a Racing Flag beside the prize:

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