Farmville 2 Pink Maiden and More!

Farmville 2 Pink Maiden is the latest soon to be released limited time crop in the game. You may plany, harvest and master this new crop upĀ  to blue ribbon. There’s also a new set limited edition animals, trees and decorations included on this release. Among that will be included are the American Drum Horse, Ragusano Mini Donkey, Oregon Ash Tree, Brandt’s Hedgehog, kakadu Plum Tree and more. Expect these new premium items to become available at the store this Febuary 5th.


Pink Maiden




Spot Eared White Chinchilla

Spot Eared White Chinchilla


Ragusano Mini Donkey


American Drum Horse

American Drum Horse


Brandts Hedgehog



Kakadu Plum Tree


Forest Fever Tree


Oregon Ash Tree

Oregon Ash Tree




Purple Ivy Fence


Purple Ivy Pergola


Romantic Spring Swing

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