Farmville 2 Pop Up Creche

Farmville 2 Pop Up Creche is the newest feature that will be added in the game this January. In this feature, you will be hosting some of the neighboring County’s baby animals for winter at your very own the Pop Up Creche. Earn token when you harvest fertilizedĀ  crops, feed adult animals and raise baby animals. You also can earn tickets. You can exchange them wonderful rewards such as a White Highland Mini Cow.


Place the Pop Up Creche in your farm.


Here’s a preview of the materials we will need in building the Pop Up Creche.


Ask your friends for the following parts to build the Pop Up Creche.

Creche Signboards


Wagon Wheel


Toy Boxes


After having collected enough parts, you can finally have a completed Pop Up Creche. You can now ask your friends to help you build the PopĀ  Up Creche.


Here’s a look at at the completed Pop Up Creche.


Collect token and coins for the Pop Up Creche.




Here’s a look at some of the rewards:

White Highland Mini Cow



Here’s some of the images that are associated with the Pop Up Creche.

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