Farmville 2 Preparing for the Rain

Spring rain is here again in Farmville 2 as the newspaper Farmville Herald announces the arrival of a new feature Spring Rain. We have all the the details here about this feature and we hope it may help you prepare for it.

Farmville 2 Spring Shower

Farmville 2 Spring is Here


Farmvile 2 Newspaper


Preparing for the Rain!


Farmville 2 Preparing for the Rain


Rain, Rain, Come Again Another Day!


Rain Rain Come Again


Cloudy with a Chance of Rainbows!


Cloudy with a chance of Rainbow

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3 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Preparing for the Rain

  1. My 2 level fields doesn’t work well with the rain. If the fields are planted when it begans to rain, the rain only seems to water them. I loose 5 water drops. The plants and vegetables are ready on the screen, but are still needing watering. The common plots are working well.

  2. I didn’t get this quest. Will it be given to those who didn’t get it later? I would like to have it.

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