Farmville 2 Punch Card 2017

The new edition of Farmville 2 Punch Card is now started rolling out. You can get cool rewards with the FarmVille Punch Card by filling it up. For every Farm Bucks you purchase, there will be a chance to have Punch in your Punch Card. Not only you are supporting the game that we play but you also get a bonus prize for supporting it. Here are some of the details for the Farmville 2 Punch Card.

Punch Card


Get Punches by purchasing Farm Bucks. Win a bonus Baby Black Spotted Barbari Goat by getting Punches faster. Earn a Baby Irish Draught Horse every time you fill your Punch Card.



You’ll get a punch on the card for every Farm Bucks you purchase.


For every 10 Farm Bucks you’ll get 1 Punch on the card. You an always see your progress at anytime.


You’ll need to earn enough points to win a bonus of Baby Black Spotted Barbari Goat.


Complete filling up your Punch Card to win you a Baby Irish Draught Horse.



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