Farmville 2 Puppet Show Stage Recipes

Find out what different kinds of recipes we will be making in Farmville 2 Puppet Show Stage. We already know that on Tuesday, Farmville 2 will have a new building the Puppet Show Stage and along with it’s release, is a set of recipes that we can make. These recipes will be asked to be crafted during this event and we have here the list of materials or ingredients you will need in order to make them.

Farmville 2 Puppet Stage Recipes

Recipes that we will need to make in Puppet Show Stage:


Puppet Accessory Rubber Double Coat Paint

Puppet Accessory = Rubber x8 + Double Coat Paint x3


Puppet Collar Fine Saddle Tailor's Scissor

Puppet Collar = Fine Saddle x6 + Tailor’s Scissor x2


Souvenir Puppet Fur Crafting Needle

Souvenir Puppet = Fur x8 + Crafting Needle x3


Plain Puppet Piece of wood Woodwork Chisel

Plain Puppet = Piece of wood x8 + Woodwork Chisel x2


Puppet Grundy Fur Tailor's Scissor

Puppet Grundy = Fur x6 + Tailor’s Scissor x2


Stage Sound Pad Rubber Woodwork Chisel

Stage Sound Pad = Rubber x6 + Woodwork Chisel x2


Viewing Bench Piece of wood Double Coat Paint

Viewing Bench = Piece of Wood x10 + Double Coat Paint x3


Children's Napkin Wool Tailor's Scissor

Children’s Napkin = Wool x6 + Tailors Scissors x2


Orange Candy Orange Sugar

Orange Candy = Orange x8 + Sugar x3


Ingredients needed and can be obtain from friends:

Double Coat Paint

Double Coat Paint


Tailor's Scissor

Tailor’s Scissor


Woodwork Chisel

Woodwork Chisel

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