Farmville 2 Purple Selfheal and More!

Farmville 2 Purple Selfheal is the newest limited time crop that will be added in the game this May. You may plant, harvest and master this new crop up to blue ribbon. Also included on this release are a new batch of limited edition animals and trees. Among them are the Vietnamese Potbellied Pig, Australian Lowline Cow, Hejazi Goat, Cambuca Tree, White Poinciana Tree and more! Expect these items to become available on Monday (May 7th).


Purple Selfheal



Australian Lowline Cow


Hejazi Goat


Vietnamese Potbellied Pig


Reverse Pinto Hedgehog




Cambuca Tree


White Poinciana Tree


Katmon Tree




  1. Katmon Dye
  2. Purple Selfheal Tea
  3. Minty Trail Mix
  4. Anti-Fever Pills
  5. Cambuca Fruit Punch
  6. Roasted Cambuca
  7. Katmon Shampoo
  8. Bouquet for Mom

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