Farmville 2 Quilt Sewing Station

Farmville 2 Quilt Sewing Station is a newest feature which will be added in the game this January. Create beautiful quilt patch and sweaters fro¬† your friends and guest. Earn points by doing the tasks for the Quilt Sewing Station and win new exclusive rewards. There’s also a new animal the Barbari Mini Goat will be given as a reward. The Quilt Sewing Station is scheduled for released on Tuesday (January 9th).




Check out the materials we will need in building the QUILT SEWING STATION.


Ask your friends for the following materials to build the QUILT SEWING STATION.

Quilt Box


Rack Logs


Jute Basket


Once you have collected enough parts, you can now ask your friends help to build the QUILT SEWING STATION.


Here’s a look at a completed QUILT SEWING STATION.


Preview of the Quilt Sewing Station recipe ingredients:

  1. Nine Patch Quilt
  2. Felt Bird
  3. Fabric Heart
  4. Cellulose
  5. Applique Planets
  6. Baking soda


Here’s a list of the RECIPES for the Quilt Sewing Station:


  1. Starry Duvet
  2. Fabric Softner



  1. Thermal Insulator
  2. Quilt Tassels



  1. Baby Quilt
  2. Heart Rag Quilt
  3. Rail Fence Quilt



Quiltessential Stone Wall


Quiltessential Stone Gate


Quiltessential Stone Swing


Quiltessential Stone Fountain


Barbari Mini Goat

Barbari Mini Goat



Here are some of the images that are associated with the Quilt Sewing Station.



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