Farmville 2 Rabbit Nursery Coming Soon!

Coming soon! Farmville 2 Rabbit Nursery! A new feature just like the previous release Goat Nursery this time we will be training Baby Rabbits. There will be three abilities to train for Fertilizer Bonus, Wool Bonus and Appetite Bonus. Train 3 baby rabbits to unlock the Celery Crop.




Parts for the Rabbit Nursery:

Chalkboard Chalkboard

Bunny Litter BoxBunny Litter Box

Rabbit Pellets Rabbit Pellets


Once all parts needed are collected you can now place a baby rabbit:

Rabbit Nursery


Click on it and you will have the following options:

Rabbit Nursery

You will have to choose which option would like to get a baby rabbit from.

  • Buy Baby Marsh Rabbit for Farm Bucks
  • Buy Baby Angora Rabbit for coins
  • Select a baby rabbit from the Market
  • Select a Baby Rabbit from your inventory


After choosing a Baby Rabbit you will then choose which Ability you want your baby rabbit to train:

Farmville 2 Rabbit Nursery


After choosing which ability your baby rabbit will train, you will then be presented what materials you will need to finish it’s training:

Farmville 2 Baby Rabbit


Train any three ability and you will unlock Celery Crop:




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  1. not looking forward to this -hope the Heirloom tree mastery come before it

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