Farmville 2 Rabbit Training Guide

Train baby rabbits to learn  abilities in the soon to be release Farmville 2 Rabbit Nursery. We have created this guide to help you out on what possible paths the baby rabbits can take in order to learn certain abilities. Included in this guide are the recipe materials that will be needed and the lists of the abilities it can learn. We were surprise on the part that you can’t “name” your baby rabbits immediately unlike in the goat nursery. You will have to do three tasks in order to name it.


Farmville 2 Rabbit Training Guide



Fertilizer Training:

(Raising a Rabbit to produce more Fertilizer requires special attention.)


Make 1 Oat Bunny Biscuit for your Rabbit’s healthy digestive system.

—>>> Oat Bunny Biscuit = Oat Hay Basket x3, Sunflower x 10

Oat Bunny Biscuit

Make 2 Bunny Yogurt Treat for your Rabbit to have healthy bones!

—>>> Bunny Yogurt Treat = Yogurt x 6, Pumpkin Filling x1

Bunny Yogurt Treat

Make 2 Bunny Salt Lick, it provide extra minerals and nutrients Rabbits need in their diet.

—>>> Bunny Salt Lick = Salt x3, Corn Meal x1

Bunny Salt Lick


Wool Production Training:

(Training Rabbits to produce more Wool is a fine art!)


Make 2 Alfalfa Bunny Biscuit for your Rabbit’s healthy digestive system.

—>>>Alfalfa Bunny Biscuit = Alfalfa Hay Basket x3, Wheat x10

Alfalfa Bunny Biscuit

Make 2 Apple Scone Apple Scone for a motivational training treat for your Rabbit.

Make 2 Brie to have a snack while training your Rabbit!

—>>>Brie = Milk x15, Salt x3



Healthy Appetite Training:

(Training Rabbits to have a Healthy Appetite special attention.)


Make 1 Lavender Bunny Biscuit for your Rabbit’s healthy digestive system.

—>>> Lavender Bunny Biscuit = Lavender Hay Basket x3, Apple x8

Lavender Bunny Biscuit

Make 1 Cornbread Corn Bread for your Rabbit, Cornbread is a good source of Fiber.

Make 2 Strawberry Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream to have a snack while training your Rabbit!




Mischievous Personality Training:

(Mischievous Rabbits need a lot of play and discipline when they are young.)


Make 1 Lavender Training Hoop to teach your Rabbit a few Tricks!

—>>> Lavender Training Hoop = Piece of Wood x6, Lavender Ribbon x5

Lavender Training Hoop

Make 1 Plain Soap Plain Soap, you are going to need it when your Rabbit gets into trouble.

Make 2 Feather Charm Feather Charm to train your Mischievous Rabbit!



Affectionate Personality Training:

(To raise a Rabbit to be Affectionate, they need to feel very secure and safe.)


Make 1 Yellow Training Hoop to teach your Rabbit a few Tricks!

—>>> Yellow Training Hoop = Metal Sheet x1, Yellow Ribbon x10

Yellow Training Hoop

Make 1 Hand Mirror Hand Mirror to teach your Rabbit high self esteem.

Make 2 Heavy Fur Throw Heavy Fur Throw, to have a soft place to cuddle.




Tumbler Personality Training:

(Tumbler Rabbits need patience and training to learn how to tumble.)


Make 1 Green Training Hoop to teach your Rabbit a few Tricks!

—>>> Green Training Hoop = Wool x6, Green Ribbon x5

Green Training Hoop

Make 1 Glass Good Luck Charm, learning to tumble takes skill and luck!

—>>>Glass Good Luck Charm Glass Good Luck Charm = Wool Thread Spindle, Piece of Glass x2

Make 2 Jump Rope, learning to jump is the first step to learning how to tumble.

—>>> Jump Rope Jump Rope = Piece of Wood x4, Wool Bolt x2



Rabbit Name Training:

(Teaching a Rabbit its name takes patience, repetition, and love!)


Say, “(Your Chosen Name)” while playing together with 2 Carrot Bunny Toy.

—>>>Carrots Bunny Toy Carrots Bunny Toy = Wool Bolt x1, Green Twine x3 <- Ask friends

Teach “(Your Chosen Name)” their name while feeding them 1 Baby Bunny Formula.

—>>> Baby Bunny BottleBaby Bunny Bottle = Milk x8, Bottle x5

Make 2 Wool Teddybear for “(Your Chosen Name)”, a gift for learning all of the new skills!

—>>> Wool Teddy BearWool Teddy Bear = Wool Thread Spindle x1, Wool Bolt x1

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  1. @ Carolyn -dont wait till you out of bottles to ask your friends for and you’ll rarely run out. Sometime I’ll take one or two from the feed while im raising a baby the required 6 or more bottles but thats all. I save all my feed posts for things I CAN’T ask my neighbors for: Mission items, stuff the complete builds, and special event items like the Rubber ducks, and of course the slow to refill Fuel

  2. Too many bottles required now…. I have bought about 120 in lots of 20 and they tell me I am receiving too many gifts when I want and need one. Let’s ease up on the money a bit.

  3. I cannot get my Grocers List to open to do the tasks,PLEASE HELP??? Now its on its second time and I still cant get it open.Please and Thank you!!

  4. Most companies Customer service is #1 priority, but never has been and never will be with Zynga -their priority is an will always be to “make as much money as they can while they can” those words were recorded in a speech by founder mark Pincus well before the became a fortune 500 company -so this is why we see new cash items in the store in ever game every week – over fixing long-standing game issues and providing player support

  5. We feel the same way here. We hope that they will make it more innovative rather than just modifying previous release and present it as a new idea. They should first make the game stable and make it less crashes. Zynga is a big company and they are much bigger than other gaming company but in terms of game service quality they are lagging behind. The game itself is fun and entertaining. But they tend to screw things up with bugs and errors.

  6. this is the first update that im really NOT looking forward to on bit :/ requires way too much resources, and requesting. for each rabbit

  7. Farmvile 2 is gonna get way out of hand like fv did.Once that happens most of us will quit like we did before.Keep it fun and simple,without to many quest.

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