Farmville 2 Radio Table Full Preview

It looks like Walter is also running for Mayor in Farmville 2 and to launch his campaign he is planing to build a Radio Table so that people can hear Walter’s Broadcast. We will help Walter in this new feature and what we have here is some early pictures and information on what this feature will be about.

Farmville 2 Radio Table

Farmville 2 Radio Table


Place the Radio Table in your farm and then a cutscene will occur.

Unfinish Radio Table


Walter will arrive in your and will tell you about his plan in running for Mayor and it order to do that he will need your help in putting up a Radio Table.

Farmville 2 Radio Table


After Walter leaves you can now see what materials you will need in order to build the Radio Table. As we can see you will need Party Balloons x10, Table Cloths x10 and Radio Manuals x10. You can collect these materials by asking your friends and posting help feeds.

Build your Radio Table


Now after you have collected all the materials you can now click the “Start Building” button. After clicking, you will now then need helpers to build the Radio Table. You can send request to your friends to be your helper.

Hear What Walter's Broadcast


After successfully recruiting enough help you can now finish building the Radio Table.

Completed Radio Table



Click the Radio Table to start crafting for the Radio Broadcast Party. There will be 5 Radio Broadcast  Party to host and among them are these:

Week 1:

Walter's Radio Broadcast Week 1


Week 2:

2nd Week


Week 3:

Week 3


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  1. This is very lame… we already have stupid vote for mary sign… we don’t need this crap… why cant you give new trees or coins or farmbucks or as usual animals

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