Farmville 2 Reception Perception Quests

Come and help Marie in Farmville 2 Reception Perception Quests as we continue to celebrate the wedding of Walter and Barbara. Marie is in charge for the Wedding Reception in this Farmville 2 Quests and she will need all the help that she can get. Although guest’s normally bring gifts for the newly wed, it is also important to have gifts for the guests.

For the Reception Perception Quests, we will be crafting gifts for the guests and most of it will be crafted at the Workshop. We have prepared this guide to give you a preview of what each stage of the mission will look so that you can prepare ahead especially the materials for the crafting part.

Farmville 2 Reception Perception Quest

Reception Perception Quests 1: Farmville 2 Special Reception!


Special Reception!

  • Place a Wedding Table
  • Harvest 12 Red Spanish Marigolds
  • Feed 2 Adult Pigs


30 xp, 300 coins


Reception Perception Quests 2: Farmville 2 Light of the Party!


Light of the Party!

  • Collect 5 Wedding Candles
  • Gather 5 Wool
  • Make 1 Red Spanish Marigold Bouquet


35 xp, 350 coins


Reception Perception Quests 3: Farmville 2 Helping Hand


Helping Hand

  • Perform 5 helpful actions on Neighbor farms
  • Feed 2 Adult Rabbits
  • Make 2 Red Teddy Bear


40 xp, 400 coins


Reception Perception Quests 4: Farmville 2 Smelling Great!


Smelling Great!

  • Collect 5 Wedding Chocolate
  • Harvest 16 Strawberry
  • Make 2 Strawberry Scented Bag


45 xp, 450 coins


Reception Perception Quests 5: Farmville 2 Happiest Neigh of my Life


Happiest Neigh of my Life

  • Tend your Pig Pen 2 times
  • Feed 4 Adult Horses
  • Make 2 Embroidered Horse Blanket


50 xp, 500 coins


Reception Perception Quests 6: Farmville 2 Setting the Moo-d


Setting the Moo-d

  • Tend your Prized Cow Shed 2 times
  • Harvest 4 Peach Trees
  • Make 2 Votive Candles


70 xp, 650 coins


Reception Perception Quests 7: Farmville 2 Wedding Water


Wedding Water

  • Collect 5 Wedding Matchbooks
  • Harvest 4 Orange Trees
  • Gather 50 Water


90 xp, 900 coins


Reception Perception Quests 8: Farmville 2 Un-Bah-able



  • Tend your Sheep Shack 2 times
  • Harvest 15 Corn
  • Make 3 Cornbread


120 xp, 1100 coins

Quest Notes:

– Red Spanish Marigold’s harvest time is 14  hours

– Strawberry’s harvest time 24 hours

– Corn harvest time 2 min

– Reserved “Farm Helpers” for the Spanish Marigold if you don’t have ready to harvest yet in your farm.

– Spindles and Piece of Glass for the crafting part


List of materials that we will be needed:


Red Spanish Marigold Bouquet = Red Spanish Marigolds x8 and Wool Thread Spindle x2 (make 1)

Red Teddy Bear = Fine Wool x5 and Red Yarn Spindle x1 (make 2)

Strawberry Scented Bag

Strawberry Scented Bag = Wool Bolt x3 and Strawberry x16 (make 2)

Embroidered Horse Blanket = Blue Horse Blanket x1 and Wool Thread Spindle x1 (make 2)

Votive Candle = Piece of Glass x3 and Metal Sheet x1 (make 2)

Corn Bread = Corn Meal x1 and Buttermilk x1 (make 3)


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  1. I do not even have it yet but I noticed, when asking friends for help, that the Wedding Reception table comes with……a BONUS DOUBLE SWING! I am so excited happy and appreciate you giving us something extra, especially a gift the looks very nice.

    Thank you Zynga 😀

  2. have not gotten any quest since wedding wagon ..why

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