Farmville 2 Red Veined Sorrel and More!

Check out the new Farmville 2 Red Veined Sorrel which will be added in the game this July. You can plant the Farmville 2 Red Veined Sorrel, harvest and master the this new limited time crop up to blue ribbon. Also  included on this release are a new batch of limited time animals and trees. Among them are the Persian Onager Mini Donkey, Kemerovo Pig, Three Toed Box Turtle, Heirloom Bushveld Cherry Tree and more. Expect these new items in Farmville 2 to become available on Monday (July 23rd).



Red Veined Sorrel



Persian Onager Mini Donkey


Kemerovo Pig

Kemerovo Pig


Three Toed Box Turtle


Gray Angora Ferret




White Mangrove Tree



Bushveld Cherry Tree


White Alder Tree




  1. Red Veined Sorrel Terrarium
  2. Red Veined Sorrel Lasagna
  3. Bushveld Cherry Cheese Sticks
  4. Bushveld Cherry Ice Cream
  5. White Alder Dreamcatcher
  6. White Alder Fascinator

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