Farmville 2 Riled in the Wild Quests

Farmville 2 Riled in the Wild Quests will be unlock once a player reach level 20 up. Players who reach this level will automatically receive this missions and it will 4 part and will be doing some fencing and visiting neighbors.

Farmville 2 Quests 1: Pest Test

I think a wild puff-ball rabbit has been munching on my produce! Please help to catch it and stop it!


Collect 5 Barbed Wire to create some boundaries around Walter’s crops

Perform 15 neighbor actions to survey the local animal population

Buy a Cotton Tail Rabbit so you can study rabbit habits


70 xp, 1200 coins

Farmville 2 Quests 2: The Carrot Trap

Remember, if you don’t have any Fertilizer, feed lots of animals.


Plant 20 Carrots

Use Fertilizer on 10 Carrots to make them extra enticing to the hidden hare

Sell 15 recipes to the villagers and ask about rabbits


80 xp, 1200 coins

Farmville 2 Quests 3: They Said Carrot Bread

We’ll catch that rabbit for sure with the delightful aroma of Carrot Bread.


Plant 15 Wheat

Help Walter out 5 times

Craft 2 Carrot Bread


90 xp, 1200 coins

Farmville 2 Quests 4: Unbridled Attraction

Marie’s mare was eating everything because she was pregnant and hungry! Rescue the baby horse from the General Store!


Adopt the baby Black Arabian Horse from the general store by purchasing it

Raise a Black Arabian Horse into adulthood

Feed an adult Black Arabian Horse for a chance at finding a Saddle!


100 xp, 1200 coins

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