Farmville 2 Riverside Lottery Board

Play the Farmville 2 Riverside Lottery Board and win cool rewards. Plant and harvest water crops and dry them. Craft new recipes using the dried water crops. These are the some of the requirements the Riverside Lottery Board will ask. After completing the requirement, you can now pick 3 numbers that you feel that are lucky. Wait for the draw results.

Riverside Lottery Board

Riverside Lottery Board


Place the Riverside Lottery Board in your farm.

Riverside Lottery Board



Riverside Lottery Board Actual




Riverside Lottery Board Menu


  • Complete the requirements in STEP 1. It will either ask for a dried water crops, craft recipes using the dried water crops or it will ask both.
  • In STEP 2, you will pick atleast 3 numbers to enter the lottery. Once you picked, this will be your number and wait for the announcement of the winning numbers.
  • If you successfully picked the winning numbers, you will win the rewards.



Here are some of the REWARDS that will be given:

  1. Speed-grow 20 Pack
  2. Baby Bottle 30 Pack
  3. Pack of 50 Golden Lures
  4. Water 200 Pack
  5. Speed-grow 125 Pack
  6. Wishing Well
  7. Baby Bottle 4 Pack
  8. Baby Bottle 6 Pack
  9. Fertilizer 15 Pack
  10. Fertilizer 30 Pack
  11. Power 20 Pack
  12. Pack of 2 Golden Lures
  13. Pack of 3 Golden Lures
  14. Pack of 4 Golden Lures
  15. Pack of 6 Golden Lures
  16. Pack of 30 Golden Lures
  17. Water 15 Pack
  18. Water 20 Pack
  19. Speed-grow 3 Pack
  20. Speed-grow 4 Pack
  21. Speed-grow 6 Pack
  22. Fuel 15 Pack
  23. Fuel 20 Pack

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  1. I am on level 214 and still don’t have the riverside lottery when will i get mine

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