Farmville 2 Rustic Highlands Expansion Coming Soon!

Farmville 2 Rustic Highlands will be our newest expansion for our farm. Our current farm will be extended and will have more room to place future farm upgrades. This new expansion, the Rustic Highlands, will have 8 available lots for players to expand to. Each lots will have tasks tied to it and a certain required amount of coins. As an addition, a new level cap will be implemented raising the current limit up to level 240.

Rustic Highlands Expansion


Lot 1: Moonlit Meadow

Cost: 50,000,000 coins


Lot 2: Gleaming Grounds

Cost: 49,000,000 coins


Lot 3: Playful Pasture

Cost: 48,000,000 coins!


Lot 4: Humble Heights

Cost: 47,000,000 coins


Lot 5: Delightful Dell

Cost: 46,000,000 coins


Lot 6: Windy Woodland

Cost: 45,000,000 coins


Lot 7: Shady Steppe

Cost: 44,000,000 coins


Lot 8: Green Grove

Cost: 43,000,000 coins



Level 240


Here’s a preview of some of the recipes that will be available:

Frangipani Wreath

Frangipani Wreath


Frangipani Tart

Frangipani Tart


Stir Fried Bitter Melon

Stir Fried Bitter Melon


Stuffed Indian Bitter Melon

Stuffed Indian Bitter Melon


Indian Bitter Melon Smoothie

Indian Bitter Melon Smoothie

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  1. My farm won’t load on 11/21/15. It won’t load in Google Chrome or Firefox. I can’t find any HELP areas.

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