Farmville 2 Season of Witch Quests

Farmville 2 Season of the Witch Quest 1 of 2: Vamping It Up

Local shops always have a frightful amount of seasonal garlands and displays they need to make before Halloween. Let’s help them out!


Harvest 20 Garlic

Harvest 10 Pumpkins

Harvest 20 Wolfsbane


75 xp, 700 coins


Farmville 2 Season of the Witch 2 of 2: Zombie Ball

It’s the FarmVille Zombie Ball this week! Let’s make some presents and then get dressed up for the costume party!


Craft 2 Candy Apples

Get 5 Red Dye

Change into a neighbor’s outfit for the costume party


100 xp, 1400 coins

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