Farmville 2 Shell Ornament Stall Items and Recipes

The Farmville 2 Shell Ornament Stall will be like the previous feature where we need to raised atleast five animals and harvest them for quest item. In this feature, we will be feeding otters (we need atleast 5). If we have enough otters (minimum of 5 atleast), feeding them will give us a chance to get Blue Shells. Then every Blue Shells we have we will a chance to draw from the Shell Ornament Stall to get jewelry like Bauble (uncommon), Star (rare) and Angel (ultra rare). Beside harvesting crops to get Blue Shells, we can also craft them and we listed it’s components here on this guide.

Shell Ornament Stall Items and Recipes

Shell Ornament Stall


Exchange the Blue Shells randomly for one of these:



Bauble (Uncommon)



Star (Rare)



Angel (Ultra Rare)




Blue ShellClam ShellBlue Glitter

Blue Shell = Clam shell x4 + Blue Glitter x



Shell Candle StandClam ShellWax Candle

Shell Candle Stand = Clam Shell x4 + Wax Candle x3

  • XP = 14
  • Coins = 2100


Mother Of Pearl EarringMussel ShellMetal Shell

Mother Of Pearl Earring = Mussel Shell x8 + Metal Shell x1

  • XP = 25
  • Coins = 4130


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