Farmville 2 Sleepover Fort

Here’s a look at the Farmville 2 Sleepover Fort which will be released this September. Build the Sleepover Fort with the help from your friends. Gather the necessary materials by asking your friends, helping a friend will also mean that you get also one. Once you built it, you can now throw a fun slumber party for the animals at the Sleepover Fort. The Farmville 2 Sleepover Fort will be released Tuesday (September 18th).

Place the Sleepover Fort in your farm.


Here’s a look at the materials we will need in building the Sleepover Fort.


Ask your friends for the following parts for the Sleepover Fort.

Goodnight Lights


Sleepover Signboards


Bunkbed Ladders



Once you completed collecting the parts, you can now ask your friends for help to build the Sleepover Fort


Here’s a look at the completed Sleepover Fort


Preview of the Sleepover Fort Rewards:

Baby Mini White Shetland Pony


Slumber Party Fence

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