Farmville 2 Smoothie Bar Guide

We are going to help help Cornelius put a Smoothie Bar next week in this new Farmville 2 feature. We will need our friends for the materials and their help to build it. The Farmville 2 Smoothie Bar will be a feature where we will ask to craft or do three tasks. Once we meet or complete these tasks, we will invite our friends to come over Cornelius Smoothie Bar. Below is an early look of this unreleased feature and may be released on June 16.

Farmville 2 Smoothie Bar

Cornelius Smooth Moves!

  • Build a Smoothie Bar and craft supplies for Cornelius!
  • Invite friends to try Cornelius smoothies!
  • Win a baby Bluefaced Leicester Sheep.

Smoothie Bar

The Smoothie Bar


Help Cornelius setup a Smoothie Bar


Click to build the Smoothie Bar

Click to build the Smoothie Bar


Build your Smoothie Bar! with parts from your friends.

Build your Smoothie Bar


A completed Farmville 2 Smoothie Bar.

Complete Smoothie Bar


Invite guest to Cornelius Smoothie Bar.

Inivte guest to Cornelius Smoothie Bar



baby Bluefaced Leicester Sheep



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