Farmville 2 Snow Has Just Arrived

Winter is coming in Farmville 2 as Farmville Beacon reported. This feature once activated will turn your farm in a sort of winter wonderland. There’s also benefits if the snow is active in your Limited Edition Crops, Trees and Animals will produce more, Experience and Coin boosts and more chance to get Prized Goods from LE Crops and Crop Packets.

Snow is starting to fall in your farm as winter has finally arrived in Farmville 2.


Farmville Beacon

Click the NEWSPAPER to see what tasks you will need to do in order the snow fall in your farm.


To let SNOW fall in your farm, you must complete 3 tasks.


Snow is Falling

Once you complete all three tasks snow, a message will inform you about the snow is falling.



Everytime you want the SNOW fall in your farm, just click the newspaper and perform all 3 tasks.

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