Farmville 2 Soapbox Workshop Recipes

Get ready and prepare for the Farmville 2 Soapbox Workshop with this guide for the recipes. As we reported earlier, we are going to have the Soapbox Workshop next week it will be a 3 week long event where every week there will be a set of tasks that will be asked to complete. Among these tasks are set of recipes that we will be crafting. Here we will shoe you a preview of these recipes so that you can get familiar with it and prepare for it.

Soapbox Workshop Recipes

Here’s a preview of the recipes that we will be making in the Soapbox Workshop:


Asparagus WheelBath AsparagusEgg

Asparagus Wheel = Bath Asparagus x10 and Egg x12.


Pumpkin HelmetPumpkinHobby Knife

Pumpkin Helmet = Pumpkin x4 and Hobby Knife x2.


Racer CookiesWheatRacer Cookie Cutter

Racer Cookies = Wheat x6 and Racer Cookie Cutter x3




Racer ScarfFine WoolWater Bamboo

Racer Scarf = Fine Wool x10 and Water Bamboo x8


Race SignPiece of woodSticker Paper

Race Sign = Piece of Wood x6 and Sticker Paper x3




Racer JacketWoolFur White

Racer Jacket = Wool x12 and Fur x12

Traction TireRubberWheel Hub

Traction Tire = Rubber x6  and Wheel Hub x3

Wood PolishLemonShellac

Wood Polish = Lemon x8 and Shellac x2

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