Farmville 2 Splashing Station Recipe List

Farmville 2, as we reported earlier in our previous post, is releasing a new feature building called SPLASHING STATION and along with it are a series of recipes that will be crafted. Each week there will be a new set of recipes that will be introduced and need to be crafted to earn points. These points can then be exchange for the reward of the week. The Farmville 2 Splashing Station will run for 3 weeks and the recipes that will be crafted are already listed here.

Splashing Station Recipes


Arm Floats = Rubber x 4 + Air Pump x3

Arm FloatsRubberAir Pump



Life Vest = Fine Wool x4 + Reflective Tape x2

Life VestFine WoolReflective Tape


Sun Hat = Arugula x8 + Sunflower x10

Sun HatAragulaSunflower




River Sandals = Rope x8 + Water Bamboo x7

River SandalsRopeWater Bamboo


Utility Belt = Piece of Wood x6 + Water Canteen x3

Utility BeltPiece of WoodWater Canteen





Snack Pack = Olive x12 + Strawberry x12

Snack PackOlivestrawberry


Thermal Towel = Wool x3 + Heavy Yarn x2

Thermal TowerWoolHeavy Yarn


Bug Repellent = Milk x 8 + Aloe Gel x3

Bug RepellantMilkAloe Gel

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