Farmville 2 Sprinklers Coming Soon!

Farmville 2 Water Sprinkler coming soon! Save timeĀ  with this new feature that will be release soon the Sprinklers. Place Sprinklers to water your crops and trees. You can place multiple Sprinkler to cover more grounds or until you cover the whole farm! There will 3 types of sprinklers that will be initially release. One is available for coins which is the Standard Sprinkler and will need parts to build and two Deluxe type will be available for farm bucks and will cover or water more crops.


Farmville 2 Sprinklers



There will be three types of Sprinklers:

Standard Sprinkler

1. Standard Sprinkler – water up to 9 plotsĀ  (available for coins)


Farmville 2 Sprinkler Construction

Upon placing this menu will appear and will show what parts will be needed to finished building the Sprinkler.

  • The following parts will be needed Sprinkler Head, Valve and Water Tubing
    • Sprinkler Head Sprinkler Head
    • Sprinkler Valve Sprinkler Valve
    • Water Tubing Water Tubing


Standard Sprinkler will cover about 9 plots on a 3 x 3 setting:

Farmville 2 Sprinkler

Activated Sprinkler


Farmville 2 Sprinkler



Farmville 2 Deluxe Sprinkler

2. Deluxe Sprinkler – waters up to 16 plots (available for farm bucks)


Super Deluxe Sprinkler

3. Super Deluxe Sprinkler – the King of Sprinklers! Water up to 25 plots (available for farm bucks)


Super Deluxe Sprinkler

Super Deluxe Sprinkler

Super Deluxe Sprinkler

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7 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Sprinklers Coming Soon!

  1. No point of this feature..
    I prefer to do personal watering than using sprinkler.
    What i expected from this item is .
    1. You have no water left
    2. You place a sprinkler near to trees or plots and leave your farm.
    3. Once there is sufficient water level, those sprinklers will auto water the trees and plots.
    4. next time you visit your farm, “wola the water is already used”.
    Now this is what the sprinkler.
    Now this feature is more use full than jut watering manually.. coz it will not save that much of time which makes a big difference.

  2. this might not be the right spot but did anyone else have two watering troughs and Zynga came and took one away? I had that happen today. I’ve had two for months since after building the first one I got a message that a second free one was in my storage and built that. I thought having two was great since I could have more animals, like ducks ! now I am back down to being allowed to having fewer animals. I am over Farmville 2 and am just going to stop playing. They just want you to spend money on farm bucks and I refuse to do that. I occasionally earn a free one here and there but then if you accidentally click on something that costs farm bucks they are gone with a blink of an eye. there should be a message when using farm bucks asking “is this what you want” and then you have a chance to confirm it!

    • it was know soon after those were found that they appeared due to a glitch, and the developers made a statement a couple weeks ago -on all the forums and the home page, that they WOULD be removing then in the very near future, and to prepare by storing you animals above where you cap was previously at.

  3. What I don’t understand is why some people got the sprinkler and some didn’t. As of right now most if not all of my neighbor’s got the chance to get it but I didn’t ever see the quest pop up to even try to get it!!

  4. my thought is, so it saves 15 to 20 seconds on watering so what, that fact we’ll still have to do the click-and-drag to fertilize then makes it kinda pointless to me. it was an all-in-one combine like in the original FV then it would be a worth while time saver

  5. I agree. Farm bucks to water 25 crops for 24 waters……sooooo not worth it. Even the standard one for coins…..not worth it to save just time. Time I have (it is so easy to swipe the plots to plant/water/fertilize) I need the coins to pay for the giant fees to clear the land plots. I’ve leveled enough to get two more but it takes forever to get the coins in the millions and millions again. I don’t have the privilege to purchase farm bucks to speed up the processes to earn coins faster.

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