Farmville 2 Sprouts Need Your Help Community Goals

Farmville 2 Sprouts is a new Community Goal theme that will be released soon. Players of the Farmville 2 Community will work together to complete tasks and earn Survival Kits. You’ll earn a reward once you meet the the goal. There are plenty¬† of rewards to get and among them are Instablooms, Tennessee Fainting Goat, Dappled Appaloosa Horse, Decorations for your farm and more.


The Sprouts Need Your Help

  1. The community needs to work together! Collect Survival Kits to help Percy and the Sprouts on Mount Leghorn!
  2. Completing these tasks will contribute Survival Kits to the community goal.
  3. Together, we can help the Sprouts and unlock rewards for everyone by completing milestones!
  4. These are your personal goals. As you contribute, you win rewards and unlock Sprout Buttons.  Higher level Buttons let you claim better community rewards!






  1. Survival Kits
  2. Survival Kits
  3. Thick Woollen Socks
  4. All Purpose Knife
  5. Granola Bars
  6. Sleeping Bag Insulator




  1. Wild Wood Fence
  2. Mountainside Fire Pit
  3. Mountainside Bench


Tennessee Fainting Goat

Tennessee Fainting Goat


Dappled Appaloosa Horse

Dappled Appaloosa Horse




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2 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Sprouts Need Your Help Community Goals

  1. Patricia, go to the Forums and look for the section where you can report problems and make suggestions to zynga. you will get a response from them.

  2. any community goal will be hard to reach, since they did away with the side chat.
    Why bother?

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