Farmville 2 State Fair is Coming Soon!

Zynga is upgrading the current County Fair feature and turning it into FARMVILLE 2 STATE FAIR! This feature will have more league to join too and get more Fair points by upgrading the Prize Shovel. Yes that’s right, when the new State Fair implemented, you will have an option to uphgrade the Prize Shovel to get more Fair Points. below is an early preview of this release:

State Fair Coming Soon

Our Country Fair Truck will be redesigned and will be called the “State Fair Truck”.

State Farm Wagon



New trophies to aim for:

In Farmville 2 State Fair there will be a total of 10 leagues to compete with.

  • No League
  • League 1: “Amber I League”
  • League 2: “Amber II League”
  • League 3: “Amber III League”
  • League 4: “Ruby I League”
  • League 5: “Ruby II League”
  • League 6: “Ruby III League”
  • League 7: “Sapphire I League”
  • League 8: “Sapphire II League”
  • League 9:  “Sapphire III League”
  • League 10: “Diamond League”


Amber Trophy

Amber Trophy Set from I, II and II


Diamond Trophy Set

Ruby Trophy Set from I, II and III



Sapphire Trophy

Sapphire Trophy Set from I, II and III


Diamond Trophy

– The Diamond League will be one of the best league to part with because ti will give the best prize for the the State Fair. The Top 3 Players will be entered and will get the most prize boxes.


Another improvement of the State Fair will make is that you can upgrade the current “PRIZE SHOVEL”. These upgrades will make the regular prize shovel gives more Fair Points.

Here’s a look at the variety of Prized Shovels.


Platinum Prize Shovel

Platinum Prize Shovel will give x3 points


Amber Prize Shovel

Amber Prize Shovel will give x4 points


Ruby Prize Shovel

Ruby Prize Shovel will give x5 points


Sapphire Prize Shovel

Sapphire Prize Shovel will give x6 points


Diamond Prize Shovel

Diamond Prize Shovel will give x10 points




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2 thoughts on “Farmville 2 State Fair is Coming Soon!

  1. There should be breaks in the trophy level so you can take a break without losing a metal. Friends and families are dropping out of playing anymore because of it. People need a break and the game should be fun without feeling it’s a job. Too many things going at once. I love Farmville 2 but It’s getting to be too much.

  2. now please inform next things ;
    Will there be new levels coming?
    Will there be more visiting clicks?

    If you ask from me, that sounds very possible since we have now 10 visiting click mostly and theres going to be altogether 10 other leagues to compete to claim for

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