Farmville 2 Staycation Lodge

Here’s a preview of the soon to be released Farmville 2 Staycation Lodge which is about to be released October. Build the Staycation Lodge with help from your friends. Collect tokens andd permit by doing the daily tasks and win exciting rewards. The Farmville 2 Staycation Lodge is scheduled for released on Tuesday (October 30th).

Place the Staycation Lodge in your farm.


Here’s a look at the materials needed in building the STAYCATION LODGE.



Ask your friends  for these items to build the Staycation Lodge.

Windmill Blade


Staycation Signboard


Staycation Wreath



After collecting enough parts and materials, you can finally build the Staycation Lodge. Ask your friends for help.



Here’s a look at a completed Staycation Lodge.



Collect tokens by doing the daily tasks and win rewards.

Premium Permit


Standard Permit


Reception Bell




Pinwheel Fence


Niliravi Buffalo


Check out the images that are associated with the Staycation Lodge.

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