Farmville 2 Summer Splash Shack

Farmville 2 Summer Splash Shack is the newest limited time feature which will be aadded in the game this June. You and your friends will be building this time the latest Summer Splash Shack feature building with the help from your friends of course. After completely building a Summer Splash Sack, your goal will be is to make your customers happy. This feature is scheduled for release on Tuesday June 26th.


Place the SUMMER SPLASH SHACK in your farm.


Here’s a look at the materials you will need to build the SUMMER SPLASH SHACK


Ask your friends for the following parts for the SUMMER SPLASH SHACK

Summer Shack Thatches


Equipment Shelve


Shopping Bags



after having collected enough parts, you can finally build the SUMMER SPLASH SACK



Here’s a look at a completed SUMMER SPLASH SHACK




Recipes for the Farmville 2 Summer Splash Shack

  1. Colorful Kite
  2. Bamboo Parasol
  3. Water Float
  4. Summer Iced Tea
  5. Grilled BBQ Platter
  6. Set of Mini Pizza
  7. Pair of Fun Flip Flops
  8. Floral Sun Hat
  9. Sun Block Lotion



  1. Kite Tape
  2. Umbrella Anchor
  3. Lemon Zest
  4. Wild Salmon
  5. Foam Slab
  6. Silk Ribbon




Haflinger Mini Horse


Wild River Fences


Wild River Archway



Images that are associated with the SUMMER SPLASH SHACK

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