Farmville 2 Teddy Bears Quests

Walter is excited about this holiday season in Farmville 2 Teddy Bear Quests. Find out why in this week edition of Farmville 2 Quests which will feature the Teddy Bear Gift Exchange. Players will be collecting Teddy Bears while helping Walter to make new toys for the Community Center. We listed all the information here regarding this release and players may expect it to go live Dec 17 at around or way past afternoon.


Farmville 2 Teddy Bear Quests

Farmville 2 Teddy Bears Quests 1: Just the Flax, Ma’am


Place Teddy Bear Gift Exchange Teddy Bear Gift Exchange on your Farm to get started! (skip 5)

Water Flax 10 golden-hued Flax to get them growing! (skip 6)

Feed Adult Sheep Adult Sheep, to begin the wool-gathering. (skip 6)


30 xp, 300 coins

Farmville 2 Teddy Bears Quests 2: Winter Training


Collect 5 Winter Locomotive Winter Locomotive to get things moving along the tracks! (skip 10)

Feed 2 Adult Cow Adult Cow; we might need some milk for coffee before we’re through. (skip 6)

Make 3 Half and Half Half Half, you say? Why yes, that does sound better than just milk! (skip 3)


35 xp, 350 coins


Farmville 2 Teddy Bears Quests 3: Eyes on the Prize Crop


Harvest Orange Pumpkin 16 beautiful orange Pumpkin! (skip 8)

Harvest Lemon Trees 4 Lemon Trees or Heirloom Lemon Trees to keep your tree-harvesting skills sharp! (skip 5)

Receive Prized Crops 4 Prized Crops while harvesting on your Farm. (skip 5)

–>> Fertilize Crops to get a chance to harvest Prized Crops


40 xp, 400 coins


Farmville 2 Teddy Bears Quests 4: Scale Modeling


Collect Model Station 5 Model Station for the kids’ train sets. (skip 10)

Harvest Onion 12 pungent Onion for a warm repast. (skip 6)

Make Broth 2 piping hot Broth for us hard-working train builders to enjoy! (skip 3)


45 xp, 450 coins


Farmville 2 Teddy Bears Quests 5: Happy Little Trees


Feed Adult Sheep fluffy Adult Sheep (or Sheep Shack Tend Sheep Shack 2 times). I’ll dye some of it green to make the treetops. (skip 20)

–>> Not clear yet but it is between the two  Tend Adult Sheep or Tend Sheep Shack.

Harvest Pine Trees 4 fresh Pine Trees or Heirloom Pine Trees to make some miniature tree trunks. (skip 5)

Feed 4 oinking Adult Pig Adult Pig; miniature trees need a mud base to stand in. (skip 8)


50 xp, 550 coins


Farmville 2 Teddy Bears Quests 6: The Squeaky Wheel


Tend your Rabbit Warren Rabbit Warren 2 times. (skip 20)

Harvest Olive Trees 4 Olive Trees or Heirloom Olive Trees. (skip 5)

Make Olive Oil 2 flasks of Olive Oil or Heirloom Olive Oil to lubricate the toy trains. (skip 8)


70 xp, 650 coins


Farmville 2 Teddy Bears Quests 7: To Cap It Off


Collect Engineer Cap 5 authentic Engineer Cap for all the junior Engineers! (skip 10)

Harvest Strawberry 25 Strawberry because they’re delicious and I’m famished from building trains! (skip 11)

Harvest Banana Tree 4 Banana Tree because they’re delicious and I’m famished from building trains! (skip 5)


30 xp, 900 coins


Farmville 2 Teddy Bears Quests 8: Pretty In Yellow


Tend your Pig Pen Pig Pen 2 times to get some very handy Clay. (skip 20)

Harvest Sunflower 10 Sunflower; Barbara will find them pretty I’m sure! (skip 6)

Make Sunflower Pot 2 Sunflower Pot to decorate the Community Center with something pretty. (skip 8)


120 xp, 1100 coins

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3 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Teddy Bears Quests

  1. Very disappointed that elder trees are usable in quests. This was not mentioned anywhere when the push to prune was going on. I’ve started to prune less and less now. Maybe 1 tree gets pruned fro every 6. NOT happy to have to spend coins for more trees. Need a pasture for elders, lol. not the inventory.

    • well you can stick to just plain old tree Kassy -its up to you, but then dont cry about the cost of expansions and how hard it is to level up. by taking full advantage of the heirloom trees and the new recipes for double xp & coins -I’m progressing in the game twice as fast as I was before, so to me the decision to prune or not is a “no brainer”

  2. This quest disappeared when I was in the middle of part four. Not impressed if I have to start over again.

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