Farmville 2 The Great Rubber Duck Spill Guide

Help Cornelius retrieve the Rubber Ducks and store them in the Rubber Duck Crate. In Farmville 2 The Great Rubber Duck Spill! But first players will need to repair the Rubber Duck Crates first. In order to repair it players will need to collect parts. There are two ways to collect parts. Either by asking friends directly or posting a request to your Facebook wall or helping friends by clicking their request. Once completed you can now start collecting Rubber Ducks by harvesting crops, crafting or asking friends. Then exchange these Rubber Ducks for prizes.


Farmville 2 The Great Rubber Duck Spill



Parts needed to repair the Rubber Duck Crate:

Wooden Mallet Wooden Mallet

Handy SawHandy Saw

Sealing PaintSealing Paint


Rubber Duck Crate

A completed Rubber Duck Crate.


Once you’ve collected the parts and built the Rubber Duck Crate click on it and you will have this Menu and see how many Rubbere Ducks you will need to exchange for a prize’

Rubber Duck Crate


Rubber Ducks

There are three ways to collect Rubber Ducks

1. Harvest crops (land or water) to find Rubber ducks

2. Post and ask friends to give you one

3. You can craft Rubber Ducks using the following ingredients:

Rubber Ducks = Greenweed Extract x1 and Plain Rubber Duck x2 (ask friends)

Rubber Ducks

Greenweed Extract = Dyer’s Greenweed x10 and Water x3

Greenweed Extract


The following items are the prizes that can be exchanged with Rubber Ducks:

Duck Crossing SignDuck Crossing Sign = 20 Rubber Ducks

Duck BenchesDuck Benches = 40 Rubber Ducks

Water Oak TreeWater Oak Tree = 60 Rubber Ducks

Duck FountainDuck Fountain = 80 Rubber Ducks

Hooded Merganser DuckHooded Merganser Duck


Seed Packet JalapenoJalapeno Seed Packet


Tip: Collect Rubber Ducks by harvesting Crops, crafting them in the workshop and asking your friends. Harvesting water crops has greater chance of getting Rubber Ducks.

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  1. I would like to know what to do with the additional trees of the water oak tree. It seems to just make feed now. My farm is a tree jungle and I don’t need nor want to handle useless trees.

  2. What is the use of water oak tree that we get from rubber duck… Any recepies available from water oak acrons… Pls let us known…

  3. you try to get parts are baby bottles, water are anythung from the streaming on the side it will tell you that you have except to many gifts. How are we suppose to get the parts we need.

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