Farmville 2 The Great Swan Migration: An Ice Chunk Conundrum

Farmville 2 The Great Swan Migration Quests is a month long (4 weeks) feature where players will be doing 3 new tasks every week for 4 week. There’s also different rewards each week and players will need to build the Observation Deck first in order to unlock the first set of tasks. Here are the tasks for the first week:

The Great Swan Migration Week 1

The Great Swan Migration Week 1

An Ice Chunk Conundrum


Road SaltCollect 5 Road Salt to keep a path to the River clear.

Ice PickCraft 3 Ice Pick to start chipping away at the Ice Chunks!

Purple Sprouting BroccoliHarvest 30 Purple Sprouting Broccoli to keep everyone full while clearing Ice chunks.


Ice Pick Materials:

Ice Pick

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