Farmville 2 The Perfect Wedding (Week 1)

Barbara and Walter are getting married in Farmville 2 The Perfect Wedding. It is a 4 week special Farmville 2 Quests where we will be helping Marie to plan and prepare the wedding. At first we will be building the Wedding Gazebo by the River as Marie believes it will be the perfect spot for their dream wedding.

Also beside the regular 4 tasks and if you desire more challenge then you can take the bonus challenge. The bonus challenge although have only one stage, it will have 3 very challenging tasks. Just a reminder you are not required and may just pass this challenge.

Farmville 2 The Perfect Wedding

Reminder: Some of the information in this post may change or may subject to change prior to the release of the quests. Please message us on our Facebook page at if you find some variation and changes with the quest.


The Perfect Wedding Quests 1: Farmville 2 Reception Receptionist


Wedding CorsageCollect 5 Wedding Corsages

CornHarvest 30 Corn.

Corn BreadCraft 3 Corn Bread.


Power5 Power


The Perfect Wedding Quests 2: Farmville 2 Save the First Dance


Neighbors ActionPerform 30 Neighbor Actions

Cajun Corn SaladsCraft 3 Cajun Corn Salads

Glass Good Luck CharmsCraft 3 Glass Good Luck Charms


Water5 Water


The Perfect Wedding Quests 3: Farmville 2 Unleash the Ushers


Sunflower BouquetsCraft 3 Sunflower Bouquets

Olive TreesWater 4 Olive Trees

OlivesHarvest 4 Olive Trees


Fertilizer5 Fertilizer


The Perfect Wedding Quests 4: Farmville 2 Best Man Bootcamp


SunflowerHarvest 30 Sunflowers

FertilizerFertilize 20 Sunflowers

SheepFeed 5 Adult Sheeps


Feed5 Feed


Final Reward for Week 1:

Wedding Paver

Set of Wedding Paver


Bonus Quest:

Wedding CorsageGet 30 Wedding Corsages.

Cajun SaladCraft 20 Cajun Salads.

Neighbors ActionPerform 100 neighbor actions.


Fuel1 Pack Fuel x5


Quest Notes:

– Prepare enough Corn for Cajun Corn Salad


Lists of materials that is expected to be used:

Corn Bread = Corn Meal x1 and Butter Milk x1 (make 3)

Cajun Corn Salad = Cajun Spices x2 and Corn x8 (make 3 + 20 for the bonus challenge)

Glass Good Luck Charm = Wool Thread Spindle x1 and Glass x2 (make 3)

Sunflower Bouquets = Wedding Ribbon x2 and Sunflower x8 (make 3)

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