Farmville 2 The Ranger Roadster

Farmville 2 The Ranger Roadster is a new version featuring our friends Ranger Jane where we will be exploring and search once again for animals. The animals needs you. A freak snowstorm has left some woodland animals in trouble. There will be new area to search and explore. Using the Rescue pack, we can unlock new areas by completing the listed animals.

The Ranger Roadster


  • Jane and You to the Rescue!
  • Fill Rescue Packs to track down animals in trouble!
  • Use Rescue Packs to search six beautiful woodland areas!
  • Win a matching baby ram and sheep and other woodsy rewards!


Here are the new list of animals that you will be spotting in the new Ranger Station:

  1. Gray Fox : More like Gray-teful Fox!
  2. Bobcat : Marley says he ‘feels all right’!
  3. Kit Fox : Survival of the kit-test!
  4. Paca : Great job-a! You’re ahead of the paca!
  5. Beaver : Excitement is at beaver pitch!
  6. Cayuga Duck : Cayuga save this duck? Yes, you can.
  7. Spiny Softshell Turtle : But soft, what shell through yonder water breaks?
  8. North American River Otter : Hairy Otter and the Deathly Shallows.
  9. Lynx : Finally, what scientists have been searching for – the missing lynx.
  10. Orange Pine Marten : Orange you glad you found him?
  11. Coyote : So glad to be rescued that he’s jumping for joy-ote!
  12. Red Fox : How did you track this animal? By thinking out-of-the-fox.
  13. Oncilla : Hey! What’s going on-cilla?
  14. Northern Pika : Pika-boo! We see you!
  15. Jackal : You’re going above the jackal of duty!
  16. Arctic Fox : What does the fox say? Thanks!
  17. Cougar : Cougar and spice and everything nice!
  18. Margay : The picture of Dorian Margay is a picture of health.
  19. Marsh Rabbit : Hoppy days are here again!
  20. Gray Wolf : You don’t need gray matter to know that the gray wolf matters!
  21. Least Weasel : You came through when he least expected it.
  22. Jaguarundi : Ranger Jane will take him jaguar-under her wing.
  23. Wood Bison : If I could, I wood buy, son.
  24. Jaguar : Tell Jeeves to bring the Jag around.


Explore new areas using Rescue Pack:

Rescue packs

Rescue Pack



The Dark Woods

Dark Woods


The Wildflower Glade


The Old Watchtower


The Misty Marsh

Misty Marsh


Red Cliffs

Red Cliffs


Watering Hole

Watering Hole


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