Farmville 2 Wednesday Free Gifts Giveaway (June 14, 2017)

Enjoy these goodies and collect them with Farmville 2 Free Gifts that was released today Wednesday (June 14th). Try your luck to find premium gifts that will help you to upgrade your kitchen and learn more recipes. Get the latest exclusive items that you can have for your  home from these free gifts. Expand your workshop so that you can create bigger diy projects. Plus basic free items like salt, pepper and baby bottles are available inside these gifts. There’s also gift certificate that you can use anytime and share with your friends.


To claim, simply click the FREE Gift image. After claiming, please consider sharing this with your friends.

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3 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Wednesday Free Gifts Giveaway (June 14, 2017)

  1. note sent for free gifts but only getting note that says “this gift is not for you” -not understanding

  2. cant get the gifts either telling me this gift isnt for me i see some people are getting it some are not

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