Farmville 2 Thursday Free Gifts Rewards (June 15, 2017)

Treat yourself right now with these Farmville 2 Free Gifts and celebrate it with your friends. Enjoy the day with these gifts where you can get your planned kitchen item upgrades that you want for your home. Learn and cook more elaborate recipes by improving your cooking skills from the items you can get on these free gifts. There’s also exclusive items for your workshop, garden and more. There’s also gift certificate that you can use anytime and share with your friends. Share with your friends today Thursday (June 15th).

To claim, simply click the FREE Gift image. After claiming, please consider sharing this with your friends.

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24 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Thursday Free Gifts Rewards (June 15, 2017)

  1. Can someone please tell me whyyyy these gifts are no longer “not for me”???? I’ve downloaded what they told me and STILL NADA!!!

  2. Why we keep on getting “Sorry farmers this gift isn’t for you” ??
    I used to get your gifts but since a couple of weeks I only get that sentence.

  3. Very unhappy that you are not sending out gifts. It was great getting little stuff from the mystery boxes to help out and make it easier. This sucks. please reconsider. give them back to us

  4. not for me, what does that even mean? you send me a notice and I waste my time for nothing.really?

  5. When I started this game it had close to a million players, now its down to like 250K Its getting hard to play with all the missions etc. The freebies on this page made it worth still trying to play it, Guess Zynga has decided that the people whose adds they play that pay their bills don’t deserve for people to see them anymore. Oh well the game was fun while it lasted want be log and Zynga will probably quit supporting it all together. Can I get a refund on my farm bucks?

  6. Very unhappy that you are not sending out gifts. You RUINED THE GAME.

  7. You know Zynga that was so unfair to take away the mystery boxes. You just took them away without any explanation. Why? It’s extremely hard to play FV2 as it is because ALOT of items….you need to purchase. It was great getting little stuff from the mystery boxes to help out and make it a little easier. Now, without them it makes it even harder to pay. Can you please reconsider.

  8. This sucks. Not only do I no longer get any of the quests on my farm, I can’t get free gifts any more either!! Fix your damn game Zynga or you are going to have a bunch of us quitting!!

  9. i click it tells me this gift not for you on all the ones i click on

  10. These are not working for me – I get message that the gift is not intended for me. Has something changed?

  11. Was told this gift was not for me !! I got nothing !

  12. keeps saying ‘sorry farmer this gift is not for you’ when I click on them

    • Same here. I used to get them, but now it said that the gift is not for me..????

  13. Why is it that sometimes it says that I have already claimed a prize when I have not. Today it happened on the 1st and 3rd prize.

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